What would I do if I were fearless?

photo 2

A couple of weeks ago, I read this quote, and I begun to think what will I do if I wasn’t feeling any fear: fear from going out my comfort zone; fear from what people around could think if I act the way I want; fear to fail miserably; fear not to have the energy to accomplish whatever I could be doing… Fear… Fear … Fear!!!!!

So what will I do?


First, I will quit my job. Well I know I am not the first to think something like this and a lot of happy persons I have done so and have followed their dreams and passion! I feel so unhappy… and I even don’t know why! Well I know it because I am not doing what I wish I would but otherwise, I have a good job, with nice people, in a big company so… it should be ok. But sometimes your body and your mind just tell you that something is not good for you. And you have to listen to that because it makes you sick if not.

Then, I will flight directly to my home country to be with my family and friends. To enjoy good moments all together, moreover right now, summer time, when everybody will be very close. I will enjoy this amazing time all together. I will really go to see the places and the persons I want to see and no excuse not doing it! I will share real moments with them and enjoy the real life.

Next step: the other part of the family. I will go to the states to visit the rest of the family and feel this part of the world as my home too. I will go to share real friendship on the north with all time friends; because a real friendship, even if forever, needs sometimes a live recall moment!! And better to go in a first stop because Boston can become very fast very cold!! Ahahah and then Florida will be the perfect stop after that!! It’s so far away but it’s such a necessity than it worth it.

 photo 1

Finally, I will be tempted to continue my trip to North Carolina, New York and California, but that would be more a dream that a real act!! So I will come back home, because I will miss so much my love and my kitty!! I need to come back and to share with them all the energy and the positive I have in me now! And begin to work on my future with my heart and soul ready.

 photo 3

Now it’s time to work on my own to find the reasons of this fear, non-action or whatever you can call this “paralysis”. Everything cannot happen right now but working on this, knowing the priorities, and what I really want to do will help me to follow and realize my dreams. And at the end… be happy and make everybody around me happy!


photo 4



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