Creamy Chocolate Vegan Smoothie


Another essential recipes to write in your kitchen book!

The truth is that we, nutritionist and health specialist, are excessively focusing on the green smoothie. They are the healthier but sometimes a little bit of softness is very welcomed!

What’s the must??

A healthy chocolate version!!

This breakthrough is just so easy to prepare, really and just with a little bit of coconut fat (which is not a so bad fat! It helps increase the good cholesterol and it’s packed of vitamins, minerals and fibers).

For one drink:

  •  1 Half banana
  •  100 to 150 ml of coconut milk
  •   2 dessert spoons of 100% pure cocoa (Van Houten type)
  •  and…. 1 handful of spinach


This recipe will give a very creamy chocolate smoothie. You can add coconut water if you want it more liquid.

I really love the creamy texture!

It’s the perfect treat you can drink without feeling guilty!

Creamy chocolate smoothie