It’s HOT!!!!

Summer is here, and the temperatures too.

No more Strength to Move… Search for Shadow and Freshness!

Bored by Water… no Envy for Tea… Enough exercises and Diet to avoid sodas!!

Well the fruits-only smoothie is a good substitute! Fresh, easy, and fast.


I have done one with watermelon and yellow melon and… that’s all (maybe a little bit of ice cube to refresh it!).

Just put a piece of each one (as you like) in a blender and that’s it.


This one is a Strawberries ~ Pineapple ~ Coconut Water smoothie. It is sweeter than the first one but it’s so beautiful! Who doesn’t want a Pink drink??

By the way, Coconut Water is a nice ingredient to liquefy your smoothie. It is fool of electrolytes (potassium and magnesium). Moreover, if, like me, you don’t really like the taste drunk alone, in a smoothie, it’s just perfect.

A small glass of these smoothies bring you energy, cooling, and happiness.

Good for the body and for the mind!

~ Harmony & Zen ~


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