The next time you are feeling sad, embrace it


Yesterday I was browsing the Internet and reading about all the articles about relaxation when feeling stressed out; working out to release tensions; eating well to fight sad mood…. And I realized that all these articles where “fighting “ a problem without addressing first and properly the cause.

It seems to me (very humble opinion… and I must say opinion also of some professors of university and researchers!!) very important to dig into the problem, the sadness or the stress to confront the real origin and so “fight” it, or better said, treat it accordingly to the personal issue. Most of the time we shortcut to go to the solution: it feels easier and faster to forget and wash out the unhappy condition for a quick fix.

Assess the problem, confront the sad feeling, and dig into the negative to expose the triggers of the unhappiness.

When we have a physical issue like pain in a specific part of the body or a stomach bug, we are scanning what we were doing before or ate earlier to find the origin of the problem. It’s something that feels natural to do. So do the same when you’re feeling unhappy!

Already being aware of this is a first step toward happiness/well being. Recognize that you are not feeling ok. It is already a lot! Recognizing a condition is a stress reliever by itself.

You can now breathe through your entire body and understand that you aren’t feeling happy because… you are not happy! And it is fine. You cannot be happy all the time! You cannot feel emotionally euphoric every second of every minute of every day! Hiding your feeling and living in a “perfect world” is not realistic.




Welcoming your feeling and emotions, whether they are positive or negative, is the way to live happier and to be more satisfied.




Sit quietly and ask yourself why you are feeling this way? What is happening right now to make you feel like this? Are you experiencing changes in your life, body, or relationship? Are you pushing too much in an area of your life (work, work out, relationship, well being, family)?

Whatever question you want to ask yourself is welcome here! You are the one that know yourself the best so you are the most competent person here to question yourself!

If you need to write it down, go for it. Journaling is a good activity to express yourself fully and sincerely. Allow yourself a real pause taking the time to reflect on your feelings. This is what taking care of you mean.

Once you have done this inner scan, you can then use methods to calm down.

Simple breathing technique or relaxing yoga pose enable to let it go mentally and physically and to quiet the body and mind softly positioning you in the now. And being aware of the now is a good feeling factor. And of course after that… go for a nice walk outside.

Maybe going for something more intense with more adrenaline and effort, like a good run or a boxing class, will be your way to close the subject at this moment and clean/refresh your mind.

The concept is, once you have confronted the emotions/ feelings, do something that make you feel great, relaxed… happy.

A bath can also work well 😉


A sentence helps me a lot to calm down and to pose a different view on stressful personal situations.

“ You are the one who is creating your own reality”.

 So if you want to be happy, watch at the moment with happiness in the eyes. Or at least stop watching at it in a negative way.

Everything is happening at this right moment for a reason. And even though sometimes it can feel unfair or very hard, it has to be like this; so better to embrace it and go forward. Easier to say than to do it but, really, it becomes easier with practice!!


Don’t forget that welcoming emotions, pleasant or unpleasant, will make you feel better on long term.





Sharing with you my happiness in the bowl!! Appreciating these simple meal moments deeper each time and being so grateful for the chance I have to be able to eat so pretty and balanced each day.





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