Soft Skin Sugar Scrub

pictures for blog1Need for softness during summer? You don’t know… ask your skin!!

Nothing is better than a nice scrub to revive the skin and let it soft.

It’s a gesture to make a habit, all year around.


This soft scrub is perfect for sensible and thin skin, face, but also all types skin!

I use to make salt scrub, as my skin is not really sensitive. Thus, I was puzzled regarding this Sugar Scrub!!

How wrong I was!!

This scrub is just fabulous!

It is, indeed, a very soft scrub. If you need a stronger effect, it’s better to use a Salt Scrub. However, the sensation and the effect on the skin after the shower are just AMAZING!! The skin is moisturized perfectly, revitalized, tightened and is so soft!

It’s as to give a second youth to your skin. Really!!


This is the recipe of this breakthrough Soft Skin Sugar Scrub:

You can use the recipient you want; the important is to respect the proportions.

  • 1 cup of caster sugar
  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • 1 lemon zest

pictures for blog

Just mix everything and put it in a nice jar.

I really recommend this scrub. Use it at least twice a week and it can be a good complement to a stronger scrub.


Just enjoy!!


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