Core posture or how to master the best position in everything…


One of the first lesson I teach my client is to understand the importance to feel the position, being aware of their body in the pose, and of course the right one in whenever they are doing: workout, stretching, yoga, running, standing up or sitting down!


It is a matter of safer practice and better productivity. You practice the correct movement, without risking hurting yourself, and your performance increase because of the right execution. Engaging your core allows this. That is why I call this the core posture!


I read two days ago an article on Self website about the explanation on what yogi mean when they are asking you/us to “lengthening the tailbone down and drawing the ribs in”[1].

It makes me realize that indeed this can be complicated to understand or to picture it and that is the core posture.


I cannot insist more on the importance to practice correctly any exercises or movements. It is like a long-term investment on your health (hello low back problems) and a big factor on performance advancement.


So what does that means concretely?



  • “Lengthening the tailbone down” = squeeze your butt in neutral position, slightly retroverted position (contrary of anteverted that means arched/curved position of the butt)
  • “Drawing the ribs in” = suck the stomach in engaging the abs
  • Finally, those two movements are done while lengthen the spine and to do so imagine a thread coming out of the top of the head and dragging you up.


I love showing that to my clients because it allows them to go to another level of practice and well-being.

Without executing the right posture you can do plenty of abs exercises and never see a result; or you can stretch all day and not feeling any stretch and, certainly making it worst for your body.

Some movements are executed daily and that emphasize even more the necessity to engage the core in every moment in life.

Learn to feel the right posture for the right effect is something a professional can teach you and with the practice and experience you will learn how to feel it and then find the right posture alone.


I really like this article in Self because it shows the importance, in that case for yoga, of a correct execution that is not always the case. Sometimes you will have to curve your buttock and some other time like here you will have to find a neutral position.

The important point is to know where you need to feel the effect of the movement and this way you can try to feel by yourself the correct posture.


For example, this stretching:


  • If like in the superior pictures you have your back falling to the floor in a round way, you won’t feel really the stretch (at least on the first steps of the stretch) and you can hurt your low back;
  • On the second line of pictures, you can see that my back is slightly curved; I am looking in front of me and my buttock is like pull off from behind (imagine a thread pulling me from the back); Only once in that position, I can begin to come down keeping my back alignment. I feel the stretch already on the first picture and I feel it deeper as soon as go down just a little bit and I am not hurting my back.


Whatever you are doing, always be aware of your movement, your position, and your posture. This is the first step for safety practice and well-being.

And remember: when you are standing up, try to have a neutral position 😉


Of course finishing with colors and happiness form my pretty green smoothie




I quit Instagram (IG) for a week and that’s what happened…


I am literally in love with this beautiful picture place named Instagram. I really enjoy it for the beauty of the picture, the information I can grab, the idea on wellbeing / decoration / mindfulness to inspire me, and of course the community that always support me and that I fell I participate to it too!

I read yesterday a nice article [1] that was saying that “studies have found that time spent on social media – particularly photo-based platforms – is associated with poorer self-esteem.” [2]

I am not onto looking after perfection and I wasn’t touch so much as they say in the article by the need to compare myself; I even would say that I am seeing IG like a big community for support and learning and so I am pretty positive about it! I never received bad comments and ultimately I feel empowered by the women I am following. So, why was I feeling the need to shut down for a while my account?

Lately, I get tired and lost in the same time. I lost myself in the post, comment and, following, and I felt it wasn’t expressing my true self anymore. I put pressure on myself to post, to keep in touch, to connect… and I don’t really feel happy and motivated anymore doing what I was doing. I needed a change but before that, I needed a pause from social networking. I needed to do what I was doing for myself and only for myself. I needed to stop losing time to film/ select/ write/ post and enjoy this new free time to enjoy the moment and family. And it’s what I did!

The first day was like a release. The moment I posted on my account that I decided to stop my IG for a week, I felt a huge amount of peace coming from within and happiness. And I breathed deeply watching at the lake. I felt so much energy coming back to me.

The next days were also pure bliss and surprisingly I never felt the need to connect to check something on it! It was also a bit energizing not to have to post a thing! Ehehehe no duties!!


I also take advantage of that time to reflect more on my life at that right moment and to rest my body. As I didn’t have to post my daily workout-yoga, I may have practice less. On the other hand I take more time for meditation and journaling, as for self-care bath and a lot of walk by the lake!

Balance is the central word in life. This time allows me to focus on topics that I needed to consider more and find more balance with my body and mind.

As funny as it is, 2 days ago was the final day for my “no IG week”. I didn’t come back on this day because I didn’t desire it. And as a matter of fact, now I say to myself I could go back to it, I felt sick and without energy.

I don’t know if this is link to that but sure thing, I decide to connect less and to post only when I feel the need-envy to do so.

So right now I want to share things that make me happy, like my beautiful açai bowl, or the beautiful clouds of my morning wall, but feeling so weak I may wait a little bit before coming back to IG.


I though my ego was speaking to high when I decided to express myself on that matter; who am I to think IG need me so much? Or better who am I to think that people can be interested on my issue?!! But then I thought that others may feel the same or can be interested in this topic, and I needed to speak out. I think it is always interesting to read the experience of others and sometimes it makes us realize things that we weren’t really thinking about.

So here it is just my very personal experience and my learning about a week without IG:

  • more time to read-walk-share moment with others;
  • more time for personal thinking
  • more awareness of the now
  • deeper true and enjoyable practice
  • feeling of release and freedom
  • coming back to the real me
  • pushing myself less strongly
  • lack of the community support

Again this is my personal experience and my personal way to live my IG. It is also a good lesson for me to manage my IG in a more peaceful way.


Happy social life everybody


[1] Glamour USA, September 2017, “50 states of women” article by Shaun Dreisbach.

[2] Jennifer Webb, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Charlotte.