Lifestyle and Healthy – Mind and Body – Travel!


Tomorrow I will travel by train for 8h!

From an extreme side of the French Mediterranean, Nice, to the other extremity, Perpignan! The good point is the view from the train! Landscapes are very nice… but it will be very long.

I use to travel long and a lot, and you know now that I know how to manage such long trips.

For tomorrow, I have prepared my lunch and my readings!!


This is my summer style fresh salad in my super cute Tupperware!

Lettuce ~ tomato ~ chickpeas ~ peach ~ cured ham – pesto and olive oil


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd a few readings: English light, French long, and Personal sketchbook.

Good Travel


Fresh and Healthy smoothie is coming back!

photo 3To fulfill the impatience of my favorite readers, this is the recipe for the superb summer light pink smoothie!!

I understand you at 100%! I couldn’t wait either to show you the picture!!

It was so good!!

photo 1

For 1 glass of smoothie:

  • 1/4 melon (I had for this one a yellow melon. It’s enough sweet and not too strong to hide the other fruits)
  • 2 slices of pineapple
  • 5 medium strawberries
  • Coconut water (depending on how you prefer your smoothie: more or less thick). You can just add water too or almond milk if you want something more milky! I like the simple one with coconut water because it is light and real fruits tasty.


All my smoothies are done with fresh fruits or vegetables. You can use frozen fruits too (vitamins are preserved), but try to enjoy the freshness of seasonal products. It is a better life experience!


Little tip: It is the little girl’s perfect smoothie l! Do you know a little girl who can resist at a pink smoothie!!

Just add some strawberries in the blender and you will have a pink drink! And a big smile on the little face (even for the bigger one!! hihihihi).

photo 2

How to Feel Welness, Happiness and Yoginess !


This is a complete lifestyle to calm you down and charge the body with positive energies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA mat ★ A view ★ A light and a quiet place (yes, it is 6 am but it worth it) ★ The palm tree is optional!!


Yes, it is more enjoyable as presented but you can also recreate this at home o wherever you are, just search for inside peace and create your moment.

The morning peace!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFind a comfortable position and just breathe. Listen to the environment around you and be aware of it as much as your breathing. Connect your inside with the nature, the environment or your heart itself.

And above all enjoy the moment.


As for yoga. Don’t hurt yourself. Do the yoga you want: for stretching, relaxing or strengthening. Focus on what you feel, how you feel and let the smile coming.

The rule is the same. Enjoy the moment. Everything is feeling.

Life is short and beautiful from the moment we look at it with an open heart.

N.B.: Take good care of you too and treat yourself well. I buy myself nice outfit from because they are beautiful, convenient, and environmental defenders.

Creamy Chocolate Vegan Smoothie


Another essential recipes to write in your kitchen book!

The truth is that we, nutritionist and health specialist, are excessively focusing on the green smoothie. They are the healthier but sometimes a little bit of softness is very welcomed!

What’s the must??

A healthy chocolate version!!

This breakthrough is just so easy to prepare, really and just with a little bit of coconut fat (which is not a so bad fat! It helps increase the good cholesterol and it’s packed of vitamins, minerals and fibers).

For one drink:

  •  1 Half banana
  •  100 to 150 ml of coconut milk
  •   2 dessert spoons of 100% pure cocoa (Van Houten type)
  •  and…. 1 handful of spinach


This recipe will give a very creamy chocolate smoothie. You can add coconut water if you want it more liquid.

I really love the creamy texture!

It’s the perfect treat you can drink without feeling guilty!

Creamy chocolate smoothie

It’s HOT!!!!

Summer is here, and the temperatures too.

No more Strength to Move… Search for Shadow and Freshness!

Bored by Water… no Envy for Tea… Enough exercises and Diet to avoid sodas!!

Well the fruits-only smoothie is a good substitute! Fresh, easy, and fast.


I have done one with watermelon and yellow melon and… that’s all (maybe a little bit of ice cube to refresh it!).

Just put a piece of each one (as you like) in a blender and that’s it.


This one is a Strawberries ~ Pineapple ~ Coconut Water smoothie. It is sweeter than the first one but it’s so beautiful! Who doesn’t want a Pink drink??

By the way, Coconut Water is a nice ingredient to liquefy your smoothie. It is fool of electrolytes (potassium and magnesium). Moreover, if, like me, you don’t really like the taste drunk alone, in a smoothie, it’s just perfect.

A small glass of these smoothies bring you energy, cooling, and happiness.

Good for the body and for the mind!

~ Harmony & Zen ~

The best way to travel

Advices from a big traveler!

Hong Kong Airport pannel...Impressive..that shows the plane from 9:30 to 12;30 only!!

Hong Kong Airport pannel…Impressive!!!It shows here the planes from 9:30 to 12;30 only!!

I really enjoy traveling. Most of the time, it is for pleasure. Of course, it is nicer and easier than traveling for business! But it is fastidious too! It can be quickly a disaster (12 or more hours in a plane is not something very nice!).

I will give you some quick tricks 😉 IMG_3848

–       Always being comfy! You can be fashion if you want but in a comfy way (my yoga wear and my converse are for me the best outfit)

–       Don’t forget the sweater! It’s always freezing in a plane! And so, the socks (it is much more comfy too). Do not hesitate to ask for a second cover. I automatically ask for one once seated.

–       Have in the bag a small beauty bag with cream, lotion, and toothbrush (with mini toothpaste) in traveling size to keep the skin moisturized (it is so dry inside).

–       Be sure to ask or to buy at airport (inside the terminal) water. It is very important to drink regularly. You can have also with you some fruits and snack like dried almonds, nuts, and cereals bars. You never know if the meals will be good and anyway, you have a healthy snack with you (I am traveling often with Cathay Pacific, it is a very good company and the meals are very nice. However, I don’t want to eat as I prefer sleeping and I prefer my kind of food. Indeed, I have all the time with me my snacks in case).

–       Sleep, sleep, and sleep!!! A 12 hours travel is very long. Sleeping, it seems shorter! It is a two ways benefit: faster travel feeling and you can enjoy resting more or less well. I have the capacity to sleep easily on plane. The plane has not took off I am already sleeping!

–       When awake, try to move a little bit, stretch and exercise. I have no shame to do real exercise of gym. After having traveled with Asian people and seeing them doing the typical Chinese military-type exercises, I am moving too as I wish.

–       There is now enough entertainment on plane but you can have your own stuff if you prefer (tablet, books, MP3, magazines….).

–       Travel light. Your back would be very grateful! You can have a trolley but it is the same. Don’t put too much weight inside because soon or later you will have to carry it!

There are more advices I can read. But this is a good base.

Let me know what do you think about theses advices and please give yours in comment! I am no forgetting some advices I know, or going fast to the essential, but I am sure there is some that I don’t know and don’t realize!