How to Feel Welness, Happiness and Yoginess !


This is a complete lifestyle to calm you down and charge the body with positive energies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA mat ★ A view ★ A light and a quiet place (yes, it is 6 am but it worth it) ★ The palm tree is optional!!


Yes, it is more enjoyable as presented but you can also recreate this at home o wherever you are, just search for inside peace and create your moment.

The morning peace!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFind a comfortable position and just breathe. Listen to the environment around you and be aware of it as much as your breathing. Connect your inside with the nature, the environment or your heart itself.

And above all enjoy the moment.


As for yoga. Don’t hurt yourself. Do the yoga you want: for stretching, relaxing or strengthening. Focus on what you feel, how you feel and let the smile coming.

The rule is the same. Enjoy the moment. Everything is feeling.

Life is short and beautiful from the moment we look at it with an open heart.

N.B.: Take good care of you too and treat yourself well. I buy myself nice outfit from because they are beautiful, convenient, and environmental defenders.